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The MASSabda Dancesport Series

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MASSabda INVITES YOU to experience the exciting world of Dancesport and Ballroom dancing.

Do you want to learn to dance?

Our program is a 8 week dance course that provides introduction and guidance into the world of Dancesport from top professionals.

Donít know how to get started?


Questions & Answers

Who can participate?  
Anyone over the age of 18 can participate. Anyone can learn to dance.  All thatís needed is a positive attitude.
  Do I need a partner? 
No partner is needed. Students will be paired up as the course develops.  However you are encouraged to bring your own partner.

  What will I learn?
Students will learn a beginner routine in two dances.
When and Where?
Classes will meet once a week for one session. Classes will be held in various studios in the Metro Boston Area. By using different studios you will have the opportunity to observe studio life and the dance community
  Who will teach me?
Classes will be taught by Bill Morganti. Bill is a local dance teacher, Judge, and one of the organizers of the U.S. Eastern Dance sport Championships. See Bio. Instructional DVDS, Videos, and CDS are also available for purchase through
Dance Vision

What does it cost? There is a $ 90 program fee which includes lessons, event registration for a 2 dance event and an admission ticket to the event (The Commonwealth Classic in November). . All participants are required to join MASSabda  -USA Dance (Chapter 3002) -$25 (additional)