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How to join

MASSabda is a chapter of USA Dance

Benefits of Membership

  • Have Fun! - MASSabda/USA Dance members share a love of dancing. our dance events offer great locations, great music, complimentary lessons, showcases, and the chance to meet wonderful people.
  • Save Money - MASSabda sponsors numerous events per year, and members receive a discount. (For most members, attending even half of our events pays the annual membership fee.) You will also be eligible for discounted dance related products and services.  
  • Be Informed - MASSabda members receive the bi-monthly USA Dance Amateur Dancers magazine, and MASSabda's bi-monthly newsletter. You'll know what is going on in the dance community, both locally and nationally.
  • Support Ballroom Dancing - As a MASSabda/USA Dance member, you help support ballroom dancing nationally, including the efforts to promote Dancesport as an Olympic event.
  • Benefits from studios and vendors.  Many studios and vendors support MASSabda by offering member discounts.   See who supports MASSabda here

MASSabda exists for the benefit and enjoyment of ballroom dancers of all ages and skill levels. You can become a member in one of several categories, including:


Ballroom Dancer: A keen dancer and supporter of DanceSport who does not compete but strives to dance at proficiency levels similar to those who do compete. This may include retired DanceSport Athletes.
   Annual Fee: $45.00

Social Adult Dancer: An amateur dancer who does not compete but who enjoys dancing and appreciates the physical, mental, and social benefits of engaging in a regular program of dancing.
   Annual Fee: $35.00

Social Youth Dancer: Must be under 19 years of age and will not receive American Dancer Magazine.
   Annual Fee: $10.00

Social Dance Teacher: A person who helps others get started in dancing for fun.  There is a different category for teachers who instruct competitors.
   Annual Fee: $60.00


Amateur dancers who participate in DanceSport competitions.

Professional: A DanceSport competitor who dances as a professional.
   Annual Fee: $75.00

Adult: Adult DanceSport competitor.
   Annual Fee: $70.00

Student:  Dancer below the age of 35 who is enrolled in school full time.
   Annual Fee: $25.00

Junior: A youth Dancesport athlete below the age of 19.
   Annual Fee: $20.00


Professional: An individual (other than a DanceSport professional) engaged in the support of DanceSport activities or Amateur Athletes. (adjudicator, chair of judges, registrar, music director, MC, scrutineer, organizer etc)
   Annual Fee: $80.00

Organization: Organization involved in the field of dance and is listed on web site as a USA Dance supporter.
   Annual Fee: $100.00

DanceSport Special Olympics Athlete : Qualifies for participating in Special Olympics
   Annual Fee: $10.00

DanceSport Unified Sports Partner: Dance Partner of Special Olympics Athlete
   Annual Fee: $25.00


How Do I Join MASSabda?

It's easy! Contact Membership Coordinator Alice Chek by email or call 857-891-9909. You will be asked to complete a short application, submit the annual dues, and you're a member! Click here for a printable form

You may also use the USA Dance secure website to join immediately.  MASSabda is chapter 3002